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Mobile Application Layout Design

We design user interface design for iOS and Android Apps out of your wire frame or your written description. The designing will be according to your preference such as iOS 10 Style, Flat Styling, Android Material Design.

We Understand the importance of design in mobile applications and design to highlight the best features of your app and engage the users in a way that captures their fancy!

We provide a range of mobile app design services to cater to all kinds of app requirements - be it for businesses or directly for consumers, be it for integration with back-end systems or a utility app for consumer.

Mobile Application Layout Designs Features

Splash Screen

A mobile app splash screen is the mobile app’s first impression of a new user. It is an app screen that loads the moment a user opens the mobile app. The mobile app design needs to be minimalistic for a splash screen.

Home Screen

They are designed based on the type of product and purpose. Sometimes mobile apps are built with the main screen wherein a search field is provided. Users can easily search, and navigate towards the content.

Onboarding Screen

The app onboarding tutorial screens are a set of screens that help users learn about the mobile app’s navigation system, benefits, and features. It's quite common among different mobile banking apps.

Login Screen

Almost every mobile app allows users to create their personal accounts. This means every app design agency in India or anywhere, must know how to work with login screens.

Stats Screen

Mobile apps with user engagement involving competitions or contests are provided with a stats screen. The mobile app template can get complex if there’s a high amount of data present on the app.

Ecommerce App Screens

Ecommerce mobile apps are working with an 'inventory screen'. The portable UI structure of eCommerce applications must concentrate on selling an item. An inventory screen is made dependent on snatching the client consideration.

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